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Fruit Kefir,
a natural drink and sparkling

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The Power of Kefir

              Kefir is also traditionally used to purify the blood, bile, liver, kidneys, acts against the diarrhea
           or constipation, for convalescence in general. Through the centuries, Kefir, adapts mutant,
           to constitute a symbiotic bacteria different from the Caucasus, it is called "Kefir fruit.

             Dr E Metchnikoff devoted much of his life to the study of Kefir and observed its healing effects
          for the following diseases: catarrh, digestive organs, stomach inflammation, ulcers,
          inflammation of the intestines, kidneys, diseases of the bile and liver, anemia, all Exem kinds,
          hypo-tension, infectious jaundice, diarrhea, constipation. Kefir prevents rot substances that remain
          in the intestines. He has a good influence on the recovery and can be used as a substitute for milk.

             Kefir is a beverage that is obtained through natural fermentation, which produces carbon dioxide.
         The traditional recipe is planning to put sugar in the preparation of kefir, it is not to sweeten drink,
         but to "feed" kefir that will transform the sugar. So the sugar disappears in the course of fermentation.
         In other words, kefir "eats" the sugar before you have to eat it! For this reason, some dieticians and nutritionists
         in the permit schemes without sugar or starch.

             It is also called "Champagne Caucasus. "

             IT is true that when it is successful, it's really delicious,

             You've finally found kefir grains to start your production! Take good care, they are living microorganisms,
         and first of all, make sure they are at ease in a glass jar, clean, with spring water mixed with a little sugar
        closed jar, and put the bottom of the refrigerator, waiting to have all the accessories, because you must
        go do some shopping. Anyway, you do not hurry because you have to incorporate water and sugar,
        it gives you between a week and 15 days, to begin with.

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kefir, KEFIR, santé, boisson rafraichissante

Recipe for fruit kefir
Natural drink:


             -  a container and a half 1Litre
             - 3 tablespoons sugar or 8 pieces of sugar (brown sugar preferred)
             - 50 Gr Kefir grains fruit
- 1 l. ½ water source preference
             - 2 or 3 dried figs dried apricots
             - 1 / 2 lemon or orange slices
             - In summer, a few red berries if you wish


             Put the container in all ingredients.
             It is preferable to melt the sugar before.
             Fill with spring water. Cover with a gauze or cloth, Leave at  room temperature,
             away from light When the figs back surface (24 to 48 hours), the drink

             is ready. Strain, with a fine strainer (no metal) Throw figs and lemon. Get Kefir grains,
             rinse them and put into the container to start a new cycle.

               Put the liquid in the bottle directly (Genus old lemonade or soda bottle)
               Store at room temperature about 2 days

               Be careful, you can not do with drinking kefir capsules sold in pharmacies, only fresh beans can.

kéfir          kefir      kéfir Kéfir

            After about 2 days, refrigerate to halt fermentation and eat ..
            Make only the amount that we consume daily.

            The beverage is then stored in the refrigerator a few days If you wait too long,
 kefir become too acidic and undrinkable. When you have too many grains of kefir in the jar,
            store the remainder in the refrigerator in a jar jam filled with sugar water and sealed.

(Do not put in contact with metal objects)

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                      Preservation of kefir:

    . Simply dry to them grains with the air on a fabric or a sieve, that can take several days.
           . Put them in a freezer bag or paper and store them in the fridge. The grains remain active
             during one year or more.

                      To reactivate the dry seeds:

         Soak them overnight in a cup of warm water sweetened. Let stand a day, sift to start your production.

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                                  if you wish to obtain grains to kéfir of fruit here:

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Kefir,KEFIR,trouver kefir,santé,boisson, rafraichissante

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Be careful, you can not do with drinking kefir capsules sold in pharmacies Only fresh beans culture can, as you find on this  site




Last updated on:    2011-09-06